What to Do When Visiting Arlington

Planning on visiting Arlington, VA soon?

If so, it’s important that you know what to expect during your visit. Planning and preparing for the trip is necessary. Do your research well on the weather during your time of travel and anything special you may need to pack.

You also need to create an itinerary for your travel. This is a great way to save time and make the most of it once you get to Arlington. Here’re some helpful tips on things to do during your vacation:

6 Things to Do in Arlington on Your Next Vacation

Visit the Arlington National Cemetery

If you’re traveling in a large group, it’s best to visit Arlington National Cemetery on foot. The cemetery is open from dawn until dusk, and parking near the entrance can be difficult at peak times.

Some activities in this cemetery include:

  • Attending memorial services
  • Visiting famous gravesites
  • Visiting memorial for women in military service
  • Touring the Arlington House

Additionally, there’re several monuments in front of the Memorial Amphitheater, which may impede your view if you have limited mobility.

Take a Ride on the Metro to Get Around and See All of Arlington


Arlington is a place of many different people and cultures. You can experience it all by riding the Metro to get around town as you explore quaint neighborhoods. The ride also allows you to walk through shops on pedestrian-friendly streets, or take in sprawling monuments that are right outside your door!

Known as the city of road trips, Arlington has always been such an interesting city.

But, with so much going on these days–a booming job market combined with new developments popping up everywhere from Rosslyn to Ballston–it’s become even more exciting to explore than ever before!

Explore Arlington in any other way you like, be it via bike lanes along Custis Trail or bus routes throughout the various districts.

Don’t forget to visit local coffee shops for their best brews if you’re a coffee connoisseur. At Common Ground Arlington, we believe that you deserve the best of coffee everyday and cafes in this city offer nothing less. Don’t miss out this!

Check Out the Museums in Arlington

There’s always something new to see and experience in a museum. Whether you want to look at the history of America or explore outer space, there’re many museums around Arlington that have exhibitions just for your interests!

The Air & Space Museum is perfect if you’re interested in aviation and aeronautics.

However, other museums across town offer different perspectives on American heritage through their exhibits. For example, you’ll learn how America has been shaped by immigrants from all over the world.

Walk Around Arlington’s Historic Districts


The Arts & Entertainment District is a lively, bustling hotspot for culture. Whether you’re sampling the latest food trend or taking in some live music on your Saturday night out, this district offers it all!

There’re also many great restaurants and boutiques to explore that take advantage of our historic buildings downtown.

Stop by the Pentagon

The Pentagon is one of the most iconic buildings in America. At over six stories tall, this building symbolizes power and strength for our nation’s military. For a firsthand experience that’ll last with you forever, make sure to stop by The Pentagon!

Head over to Ronald Reagan National Airport for some air travel fun


Why not let the Washington Reagan Airport show you a good time? Are you tired of your old travel routine? This airport is here to make it easy and fun for everyone to travel to and fro Arlington.

There’s so much room that nobody has any excuse to arrive late at this place. Moreover, there’re plenty of seats in both terminals! The airport offers free Wi-Fi on all flights, making it easy to work and catching up with friends easier than ever before.

Washington Reagan International Airport promises travelers new experiences every day. They have everything planned out ahead of time- including extra treats in lounge areas where you can relax while waiting for your flight home.

You can also explore different types of food options from around the world without leaving security checkpoints. This makes TSA lines unnecessary (and those who need some downtime even get complimentary).

Other Things to Do in Arlington

The Kennedy Center hosts a full calendar of musicals and plays, with nightly performances throughout the year. Don’t miss their free outdoor summer concerts on Millennium Stage!

Stroll down Wilson Boulevard for some retail therapy or spend an afternoon at the Pentagon City Mall to find whatever you need (and maybe even something you didn’t know).

Despite its history, Arlington is not just about the past. It’s a bustling community that offers something for everyone’s taste and budget. Whether you’re looking to catch an outdoor concert or rent some kayaks for your next adventure on the Potomac River, there’re many ways to experience this great Arlington city!