Common Ground Arlington is a travel blog that showcases the beauty of Arlington. We aim to provide you with adequate knowledge regarding tourism in this fantastic city. Beyond being a travel inspiration source, we provide you with essential information to aid smooth travel planning. Such data include local foods and culture and the necessary public transportation data.

People travel for different reasons, mostly for either business or pleasure. However, some things are peculiar to everyone, like the best places to stay and foods to try. That’s why a blog like this one is essential so that you can have a one-stop resource for all the travel information you need. We specialize in anything regarding Arlington. Thus, our regular posts offer you packing tips, helpful logistics detailing, and hotel recommendations based on experience. This blog makes visiting various Arlington places more straightforward and fun as you’ll have a concrete guide. You also get to know about fantastic attractions, other places to visit, and various activities. Beyond that, we give general travel tips we know will benefit you.

We do our best to ensure we offer genuine and unbiased opinions based on knowledge and travel experiences. Therefore, you can trust us to provide helpful write-ups, even with necessary pictures. Our team of writers, editors, and other travel enthusiasts are there to make sure you get relevant and fantastic posts, coupled with travel trends.


Patricia M. Merkley is an avid traveler with many miles on her. That’s because she loves to experience different cultures and environments worldwide. She’s a businesswoman and had to travel frequently for her job. It was on one of such trips that Patricia developed the vision for this blog. The idea came to her because she discovered a difficulty in finding information for some places.

Therefore, she realized that a shortage of knowledge might deter many people that might love to travel. Also, some people don’t even know the potentials in the states or regions they live in, and because she has a sharing nature, she wants people to have full life experiences. Thus, Patricia believes that if she could provide such information for at least one city, it would help.

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