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Arlington’s city is located in the Tarrant county area in the United States’ state of Texas. It’s a major city in that region and, as of 2019, has an estimated population of about 400,000. This city was originally a farming and cotton ginning center founded in 1876. In the 1920s, there was a popular tea room called Top O’ Hill Terrace for guests traveling through the county.

Later in that decade, the ownership changed, and they secretly converted it to casinos. They made secret rooms and escape tunnels to hide the gambling due to its illegality, and historians dubbed it the Vegas before Vegas. Meanwhile, they used the restaurant portion of the establishment as a front, being a legal venture. That and many other fascinating stories are an integral part of this city’s history.

Ā Arlington has various sports centers, and thus, several high-profile sporting events take place here yearly. It’s home to both the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys, and the city hosts them in its famous AT & T stadium. It also has many other notable attractions like Six Flags Over Texas, a popular theme park. They include the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.

The city has great potential and a rich arts and culture scene. Besides the sporting events, there are numerous reasons to visit Arlington and many things to do. It’s also set to be the permanent abode of the National Medal of Honor Museum. That shows that it’s growing beyond the present state, and in a few years, there’ll be more things to do here.

Places to Visit in Arlington

Many famous places to visit in Arlington exist, whether as a tourist or as a local. Depending on the type of outing and who you’re with, there’s something for everyone. We’ll discuss a few of them subsequently and show you why you should go there.

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